Information Library

  • Do you purchase items from people?  No.
  • Do you allow pets in your stores?  No…unless they are assistant pets.
  • Do you allow people to return items to the stores?  It is our policy that we do not allow refunds or exchanges on vendor products unless the vendor authorizes its return.
  • Do vendors have to be there to sell?  No!  We do the work for you.  All you have to do is stock your booth and sit back and collect the checks!
  • Do you offer discounts on your booth rates?  Yes.  For instance, if you sign a three month contract you would get a discount on the monthly booth rate.
  • Does Peddler’s Junction Stores buy/trade gold?  No.
  • Can vendors sell items with stuffing in it? Yes…as long as the item is new, or has been officially “sprayed” (and you can provide the certificate). 
  • How does renting work?  You rent the space under a month to month contract.  It is your dedicated space to display items.  You do not need to pack up each week and leave or move your items – it is YOUR space for the duration of the contract.  When a customer wants to make a purchase, they are rung up through our central POS cashier service desk.  ALL vendor sales must go through this central cashier service desk.  Once per month, we pay you for all your sales in a process called “Closeout”.
  • How do I know what I have sold as a vendor?  We provide online access for vendors so they can check – whenever they want – their daily sales and closeout information. To access this service, the administration office will provide you your log in and password details.  For access, to the online sales portal, click HERE.
  • Do you allow vendors to sell packed/dried/canned food items?  Yes. 
  • Do you have different size booths for rent?  Yes.