Mission and Vision

At Peddler’s Junction, we understand the importance of our vendors and customers.  Our established Vision and Mission statements ensure the needs of our vendors and customers are fulfilled, allows us to grow, and encourages the community to take part in our ambitions.


Our Vision Statement:
“To be the best Vendor Mall in the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding area.”

Being the best doesn’t always mean the largest. With our commitment to our vendors, our employees, and our customers we believe that we can be the best without being the largest. This is because of our unique approach to the way we do business to keep costs down, a friendly family owned environment, and “passing the savings on to our customers” philosophy.


Our Mission Statement:
“More than a Flea Market.”

Peddlers Junction offers a wide variety of services that most markets don’t. It is why we don’t consider ourselves to be a Flea Market – rather a “Vendor Mall”. Some of these services include: 7 days a week operating hours, all inclusive administrative/cashier services, small space (shelf) to large booth space rentals, vendor web portal, special product security services, selling on consignment, the “vendor does not have to be here to make money” approach, advertising services, and live entertainment.